Tt eSPORTS COMMANDER Gaming Gear Combo

Tt eSPORTS COMMANDER Gaming Gear Combo

The COMMANDER Gaming Gear combo is a budget gaming keyboard and mouse combo from Tt eSPORTS which is affordable to every income level. This dynamic duo of keyboard and mouse have blue LED backlighting. The keyboard has metal-looking edges with LED backlighting at the base of each key and Tt eSPORTS’ logo, complete with the Battle Dragon, at the top.


Tt eSPORTS COMMANDER Gaming Gear Keyboard


Tt eSPORTS COMMANDER Gaming Gear Mouse


The mouse also sports a backlit Battle Dragon and is assembled with comfortable palm grips to keep gamers comfortable; the side panels likewise have LED backlighting. Both the keyboard and mouse have braided cords to prevent tangling. You can even purchase individually a set of Tt eSPORTS’ METALCAPS, which are composed of zinc alloy and are UV-coated and anodized, to replace the keycaps commonly used for games (QWER, WASD and the arrow keys). The keyboard is built to feel like a much more expensive mechanical keyboard.

For 30 bucks they are an incredible deal and is certainly better than anything else you’ll find in this price segment.