Best VR Accessories to Enhance Your Virtual Experience

Best VR Accessories to Enhance Your Virtual Experience

Virtual reality looks set to become a big deal in 2016. Experts believe that millions of us will buy VR headsets over the next few years.

Here, we have listed some of the best virtual reality accessories for a fully immersive virtual reality experience.


Leap Motion controller

Leap Motion is a portable hands-free motion controller that can be used to interact with virtual objects like you touch or push objects in the real world.

Leap Motion with Oculus

It can be attached to the front of a VR headset and unlock a whole new level of presence by using your hands in the virtual world.

Leap motion in action

It additionally can be connected to a PC or a MAC through the USB port and tracks your hands at up to 200 frames per second using infrared cameras, offering another world of virtual possibilities.


BUY : $54.89


The Virtuix Omni is a multi-directional treadmill that allows you to walk in any direction without hitting a physical wall, and it will track you whether you’re running, backwards stepping, jumping, strafing or simply walking.

Virtuix Omni multi directional treadmill

It can be used with a virtual reality headset and allows the users to control their direction and speed of movement by walking on a concave surface.

It works using a low-friction grooved base where the special shoes of the player slide over for stabilization and comes with a support belt to prevent the users from tumbling down as they wander.



BUY : $699.00


UnlimitedHand is a game controller that uses your wrist to control virtual reality games. A Motion sensor, an array of muscle movement sensors and Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is built into the device.

Unlimited hand VR accessory

Motion and muscle movement sensors help in detecting your hand and finger movements while EMS passes the electrical stimulus to your body to give a vibe of physical impact coming by interaction with objects in a virtual game.

UnlimitedHand is perfect for first-person games where you are shooting or swinging swords.


BUY : $319.99


Immerse yourself in a world of virtual-reality gaming while at the same time working up a sweat and burning hundreds of calories with VirZoom, the world’s first VR-controller exercise bike that turns real-life pedal power into virtual movement.

The faster you pedal in the real world, the quicker and further you go in the virtual world, whether that’s on a flying horse or in the cockpit of an F1 race.

Built-in action buttons on the handlebars offer advanced gaming controls.

Cardio is no more boring!


BUY : $399.95


The VRGO is a VR-enabled chair that lets you tilt, strafe and navigate the virtual reality game with your rear end.

Vrgochair VR game controller

Gently moving the chair forward or backward will start motion, whereas, tilting left or right will act as a strafe.

Vrgo VR enabled chair

Weighing around 4 kilograms it is light enough to easily move around and can be used as a storage for your cables, headphones etc.

VRGO can be used with other virtual reality accessories like Leap Motion.



GLOVEONE touch feel VR

GloveOne is a haptic device that enables you to touch and feel objects in the virtual world.

GLOVEONE VR accessory

Alongside a motion controller like Leap Motion, GloveOne can track hand movement and allows you to feel the weight of objects, differentiate textures and resistance, receive haptic warnings when interacting with virtual objects.



We’ve all had dreams of flying, Birdly had made this dream come true by giving VR enthusiasts a chance to experience bird flight and explore the skies.

BIRDLY vr accessory

This full body VR, when paired with an Oculus Rift, lets users command their flight with arms and hands which directly correlates to the wings. Flap your wings to travel faster in the virtual world.

Birdly bird flight vr

To evoke an immersive flying adventure, Birdly includes wind feedback. The faster you flap, the more wind you get on your face from a fan mounted in front of you.



Multi sensory virtual reality mask

The FEELREAL VR Mask can change the climatic conditions of your virtual world. It is a multi-sensory virtual reality mask that can be used with VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR to maximize your virtual reality presence.

Feelreal VR Mask

Dual microcoolers and microheaters respond to changes in the virtual environment and generates cool wind flows and hot air.

FEELREAL VR mask even has an odour generator that takes seven unique removable cartridges, which can be changed as per the VR game you are playing or VR movie you are watching.

FEELREAL VR mask also produces water mist, while 2 vibro engines provide vibration feedback.




Sixense Stem Sysytem is a modular motion tracking system that can monitor multiple areas of your body to capture every physical
movement using five wireless motion sensors. These can be attached to any part of your body for total motion capture or only tracking head and the hands.