Noke Padlock Uses Bluetooth Instead of a Key

Noke Padlock Uses Bluetooth Instead of a Key

The Noke Padlock is a keyless padlock that uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth rather than a key. There will be no frustration of losing keys or forgetting combinations.

Noke automatically finds and pairs with your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone once you install the Noke app which is available for Android and iOS devices. The padlock can open as soon as you are nearby – there is no need to launch the app or unlock it manually. You do have the option to turn off this feature.

Noke uses a standard 2032 watch battery that the company has promised to keep going for a solid year. The Noke app alerts you when the battery gets low enough to warrant replacement, so you’ll never be left with a locked, unopenable padlock.

Noke Padlock App

You can share your lock with friends if you want them to have access without cutting multiple keys and keep a track of who unlocked your lock and when through the history feature of the app.

The Quick-Click code which you initially set will be used to manually open the lock in case anything happens to your phone. The Noke Padlock is weather resistant and is incredibly strong with its boron-hardened shackle.

The Noke Padlock is versatile, cheap and as secure as it could possibly be.


BUY : $69.99